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The Ages and Stages of Art

  • The Port Washington/Saukville School District Art Department presents:



    Port Washington High School Art Rooms

    Date and Time:

    Thursday, December 20, 2018

    5:30 –7 PM

     The K-12 Art Department student artwork is organized by media, and arranged to show the developmental stages of art.




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    spirit of giving

    PWHS United for Youth Group is organizing two projects in the Spirit of Giving.  Please help us in our efforts to those in need in our community.  The two projects happening at PWHS at this time are:


    • Kids to Kids Toy Drive-Please bring a toy by December 13th to the high school office.  This is a competition between TJ and PWHS


    • Saukville Food Pantry Bin-There are many families in need of food items at all times of the year.  We are collecting food items that families need during the Holidays.  Please drop off any donations in the black bin outside the office. 


    Thank you in advance for your support!

     PWHS United for Youth



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2019 Scholarship Information

PWHS Pirate Treasure Program

  • The first Pirate Treasure giving meeting concluded last night.  We listened to the Saukville food pantry, Portal Inc. and the Social Studies Department for the Kelly Green Library.  It was a very tight vote…the students chose to give a donation for the Kelly Green Library with this first meeting.

     Our next meeting will be on April 10th.  At that meeting we will plan to give one donation for a school district project and one donation for a community project (Max $1,500 each).  We will do the meeting during resource period.

     Thank you for your support of the program.

     Eric Burke

    PWHS Principal

    pirate treasure meeting


    Pirate Way Grant Application This program will be open to all community and school groups/projects.  

    This will be a great experience for our students and a nice way to support/give to a needy cause/project. We now have 93 students in the group!

    Please turn in the application to Eric Burke in the PWHS office.


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Youth Apprenticeship Information

  • Sophomores and Juniors!

    Want to make some $$$ AND earn credit towards graduation at a local business??

     There will be a formal Youth Apprenticeship Information Night on Tuesday December 4th at the Cedarburg High School PAC from 5:30-7:30 p.m. where some local employers will be present to answer any questions.

    Info Night Poster

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Message From the Principal

  •  We are all so excited and fortunate to be working with such a tremendous group of teachers, staff, families, and students!  Together we will continue the tradition of excellence at PWHS, with each individual doing their part to develop their own skills, gain mastery and explore their own creativity to make our school community strong and successful.  As we begin to focus our thoughts on the end of summer, listed below is some very important information pertaining to the upcoming school year.


    • Open Lunch-We will continue to have open lunch privilege for 11th and 12th grade students for the 2018-19 school year.  For the 2019-20 school year, only 12th grade students will have the open lunch privilege.


    • Pirate Treasure Program-All students are welcome to be a part of this program.  It will run very similar to adult groups in some communities like the 100+ women group in Port Washington-Saukville.  It will most likely be the first student group like this.  Each student will commit $30 to be a part of the program.  During the school year, the students will come together to listen to proposals for funding programs that benefit students in the community.  At each meeting (twice per year) the students will vote on which program/idea will receive funding.  The purpose for the group is to involve students in the process of improving their school/programs and be directly involved in making a large difference while committing a relatively small donation.  Students interested in the program should contact Mr. Burke to learn more about how to get involved. 


    • Target-Based Learning-At PWHS, we are continuing our journey with the target-based learning process.  As a district, we are working closely with Garth Larsen (consultant) as we learn and implement the 13 step process he has used in many other school districts.  In a target-based system, the most important tier of instruction (core instruction) is designed to reflect not only standards, but also specific academic and behavioral targets that clearly identify what students must know and what they must be able to do.  Grades and ultimately report cards will be much more meaningful and relevant for our students in a target based system.


    During the past school year, our departments have been reviewing the priority standards, making decisions on learning targets, key concepts and skills, big ideas & essential questions, key vocabulary, resources and finally assessments for each unit/course.  In classrooms all students will have opportunities for re-assessment to demonstrate understanding of those learning targets.  For the 2018-19 school year, we will continue to learn together through a school-wide book study, workshops and meetings with Garth Larsen.  We will provide more information on target-based learning during the school year to students, parents and community members.


    Target-Based Learning:

    • Continues to use Letter Grades and Grade Point Averages at the high school level
    • Promotes growth mindset for learning
    • Separates Behavior from Academic knowledge in grading
    • Aligns with Mindset from Colleges and Universities
    • Promotes greater accountability and understanding of learning targets
    • Provides greater opportunity for students to demonstrate learning of standards


    • Cell Phone/other Electronic device Privilege at PWHS- If a student chooses to bring a cell phone/electronic device to school it must remain in their locker or in a back pack turned off.  Cell phones are not allowed out in the classroom at any time. Parents needing to contact their son/daughter should contact the office.  Cell phone holders are available in each classroom.  Any violation of the cell phone/electronic device policy will follow the procedures outlined in the PWHS student handbook.  The school will not be held responsible in any way for lost or damaged cell phones.  Students are allowed to use their cell phones during lunch and passing time.


    • Exam Exemptions 2018-19- All students can earn an exam exemption through the Port Pride Program.  The second exam exemption will be different for 2018-19.   The second exam exemption will continue to require no unexcused absences or behavior referrals, it will also be connected to success on the ACT Aspire testing (9th and 10th grade) or ACT assessment (11th grade).  (Please see below)


    1. ALL Grades-No Unexcused Absences & No Behavior Referrals
    2. 9th Grade:
      • Second exam exemption only second semester for 9th
      • Measured growth in any area (Reading, Math, Science, English) for the Aspire Interim assessment (Fall-winter test)
    3. 10th Grade:
      • First Semester-Minimum of one area (Reading, Math, Science, English) of proficiency for ACT Aspire spring testing (9th grade year).
      • Second Semester- Measured growth in any area (Reading, Math, Science, English) for the Aspire Interim assessment (Fall-winter test.
    4. 11th Grade:
      • First Semester-Minimum of one area (Reading, Math, Science, English) of proficiency for ACT Aspire spring testing (10th grade year).
      • Second Semester- Minimum of one area (Reading, Math, Science, English) of college readiness on ACT exam-11th


    1. 12th Grade:  Earns second exam exemption with no unexcused absences or behavior referrals.  Same as previous years.


    • Port Pride Assembly- Wednesday, September 5th 6:00-7:00 PM. All students that wish to be a part of the Port Pride program for 2018-19 must attend this program.  Students will also receive a free t-shirt.  This program features Pirate and Badger legend Josh Gasser!
    • Freshman Parent Orientation (freshman students are also welcome)-Wednesday, August 29 from 6-7:30PM p.m. in the library.  We will cover many topics including: tips for high school success, activity/club information, school standards, resources, academic and career planning, and a chance to ask questions.  Please plan on joining us! 


    • Forms, Fees and Photos- We will be taken for school ID’s, library ID’s, season sports passes, the Lunch Box program, and picture packets (if you wish to purchase) during the registration dates of Tuesday, August 14th (8AM-3PM), and Wednesday, August 15th (2PM-7PM) ).   We ask ALL students (including seniors) to attend one of these sessions for their photo.


    • ACT Prep (especially for 11th grade students) with Method Test Prep.

    Practice with Method Test Prep will help with both Aspire and ACT testing!  

    All students have access to this free resource provided by our school.  Students that took advantage of the resource in 2018-19 saw great results.  It is easy to sign up for and use…

    Go to: https://app.methodtestprep.com/PortWashingtonHighSchoolWI/signup

    Click on the gray “Signup” box to create your MTP account. PWHS students will need to use the Referral Code: tkn.12180329 when setting

    up your account. (Make sure to include the entire code—including tkn).




    Eric Burke


    Port Washington High School

    427 West Jackson Street

    Port Washington WI 53074

    Office: 262-268-5500


     Port Pride!



School Information

  • Port Washington High School is a comprehensive high school with a dedicated staff that is committed to providing an excellent education to all of our students. With a combination of current educational practices, years of teaching experience, and a personal vested interest to see all students succeed, our school strives to meet the needs of our diverse learners. Port High School offers a wide array of Advanced Placement (AP) classes to encourage our highest level learners to challenge themselves further. We have support systems in place to assist all learners in achieving their academic potentials. Most importantly, we recognize parents as being a critical and necessary component in each child's journey towards academic success, and we welcome parent involvement. Port High School is committed to achieving the district mission of "helping every child reach their fullest potential."


    2018-19 Student & Parent Handbook and Code of Conduct


Port Pride

  • Port Pride Program

    Program Commitments

    • I will be Alcohol and Drug Free
    • I will Participate to the best of my abilities in at least one HS Activity
    • I will achieve to the best of my ability academically by having no failing classes at quarter or semester.
    • I will have no office referrals for discipline or attendance
    • I will have no missing work from any class during the school year
    • I will volunteer at least 15 hours per semester in my community or school.
      • (5 Hours per semester are added if the student is unable to attend the kick-off assembly.)
      • 5 Hours may be donated by a parent or guardian per semester, these hours must be in service to PWHS. (PWSSD Hours accepted with prior approval.) 

    *Successful completion of the program each semester will result in the student earning one exam exemption, use of exemption is subject to teacher approval. 

    See the main office for details on joining

    Port Pride - Student form

    Port Pride - Parent form

    Port Pride Volunteers--Hauling Christmas Trees

    Port Pride Volunteers--Hauling Christmas Trees

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Target Based Grading for Learning at PWHS

Driver's Education Information

Tip 411

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