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Homecoming Information

Message From the Principal

  •  We still have a few weeks until school starts!  However, everyone at PWHS is excited about the beginning of a new school year and the amazing learning opportunities available at PWHS. 

    We are also excited and fortunate to be working with such a tremendous group of teachers, staff, families, and students!  Together we will continue the tradition of excellence at PWHS, with each individual doing their part to develop their own skills, gain mastery and explore their own creativity to make our school community strong and successful.  As we begin to focus our thoughts on the end of summer, listed below is some very important information pertaining to the upcoming school year.

    • Grading information
      • Summative Assessments will make up at least 90% of the grade in all This includes summative tests, projects and papers. This is not a major change for most classes.
      • Re-Assessment-All classes will provide opportunity for re-assessment of the summative assessments.  Students must have completed all homework and other class requirements in order to earn the re-assessment.
      • Semester Grades/Finals-The Semester grade will no longer be made up of a split between quarters and the final exam.  The quarter grade will be used as a benchmark for athletics and activities.  The semester grade will be representative of summative and formative assessments accumulated through the semester (80% or more) and the final exam (20% or lower) for the semester.
        • Academic Behavior Grades-For the semester report card, each course will have an Academic Achievement Grade and an Academic Behavior Grade. 
    • Exam Exemption and Port Pride
      • For 2019-20 students will only have the opportunity for one exam exemption each semester. 
      • Students perform 15 hours of community service each semester.  Students must do at least one activity from the approved list (on school web page) as a part of the 15 hours each semester.
      • Please click on the link on the high school web page for more information on the Port Pride program.
    • Freshman Only First Day-September 3rd
      • 9th grade students will run through their schedule and take part in a Pirate Pep rally
    • Open Lunch
      • Only 12th grade students will have open lunch opportunity at PWHS.  12th grade students that choose to leave campus for lunch will not be allowed back in the building until the lunch period is completed.  Students must re-enter the building through the main office. 
    • Port Pride Assembly- Wednesday, September 4th 6:00-7:00 PM. All students that wish to be a part of the Port Pride program for 2019-20 must attend this program.  Students will also receive a free t-shirt. 
    • Forms, Fees and Photos- during the registration dates of Tuesday, August 13th (8AM-3PM), and Wednesday, August 14th (2PM-7PM) ).  

    I hope you have a wonderful remainder of summer vacation!  We look forward to seeing everyone soon!


    Eric Burke


     Port Washington High School

    427 West Jackson Street

    Port Washington WI 53074

    Office: 262-268-5500





School Information

  • Port Washington High School is a comprehensive high school with a dedicated staff that is committed to providing an excellent education to all of our students. With a combination of current educational practices, years of teaching experience, and a personal vested interest to see all students succeed, our school strives to meet the needs of our diverse learners. Port High School offers a wide array of Advanced Placement (AP) classes to encourage our highest level learners to challenge themselves further. We have support systems in place to assist all learners in achieving their academic potentials. Most importantly, we recognize parents as being a critical and necessary component in each child's journey towards academic success, and we welcome parent involvement. Port High School is committed to achieving the district mission of "helping every child reach their fullest potential."


    2019-20 Student & Parent Handbook and Code of Conduct


    Power Point on Student Handbook


    School Day Schedule


PWHS Pirate Treasure Program

  • PWHS Pirate Treasure Program 

    If you are interested in applying for a donation. 

    Please fill out the form (see link below)  and send it to PWHS

     Thank you for your support of the program.

     Eric Burke

    PWHS Principal

    pirate treasure meeting


    Pirate Way Grant Application This program will be open to all community and school groups/projects.  

    This will be a great experience for our students and a nice way to support/give to a needy cause/project. We now have 93 students in the group!

    Please turn in the application to Eric Burke in the PWHS office.


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Port Pride

  • Port Pride Program

    Program Commitments

    • I will be Alcohol and Drug Free
    • I will Participate to the best of my abilities in at least one HS Activity
    • I will achieve to the best of my ability academically by having no failing classes at quarter or semester.
    • I will have no office referrals for discipline or attendance
    • I will have no missing work from any class during the school year
    • I will volunteer at least 15 hours per semester in my community or school.
      • (5 Hours per semester are added if the student is unable to attend the kick-off assembly.)
    • I will volunteer at 1 of the required Community options available  (see the office with questions)

    *Successful completion of the program each semester will result in the student earning one exam exemption, use of exemption is subject to teacher approval. 

    See the main office for details on joining

    Port Pride Volunteer Sheet

    2019 Port Pride Assembly

    Port Pride Commitment Sheet


    Volunteer Opportunities

    Please check the job board outside the AUX gym for updates. 


    Port Pride


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  • Tip 411
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