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2018 PWHS Summer School Information

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    Summer School Course Catalogue

    Hello Everyone!

    Just a friendly reminder that Friday June 1st is our deadline for summer school registration for enrichment and elective credit courses! 

    Here are some new courses that are being offered that still have room!

    1. **NEW**  CENTER STAGE - ACTING 101

    June 18-July 27 (2-4 pm) Grades 10-12

     Ever been excited after a public speaker gives an energetic speech? Or moved by the quiet performance of a few actors on a stage? Ever wondered how it's done? Now you can find out! Students in this course will be introduced to the basics of the actor and their role in storytelling: both when speaking and when silent! Together, students will hone their public speaking skills, ability to memorize, improvisation skills, stage presence and confidence, and analyzation skills through various theatre games and activities. The course will end with a small performance of monologues and short scenes, acted out and designed by the students themselves. Incoming 10th grade and up welcome — NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!!

    1. **NEW** PHOTOGRAPHY AND MORE AT STUDIO 224 Monday June 11- Friday June 29th 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. (class will be held at Studio 224- $25 supply fee to be paid to PWHS)
      This is an immersive photography experience broken down into three parts.
    • The first week explores the magic of developing photos in a darkroom. Each student will be assigned a 35 mm camera, a roll of film and provided the basic instruction to shoot and develop their photos in a darkroom. 
    • The second week focuses on iphonography and ways to manipulate digital images. 
    • The third week is merging and layering both processes with the added dimension of drawing.  This course will be taught at Studio 224 located in downtown Port Washington.  There is no prerequisite for this class, but priority will be given to AP Studio Art students.

    Don’t forget to sign up!!:

    • WEIGHTLIFTING at Port Washington High School (1 hour) 6 weeks (Monday, June 11th – Friday, July 20th). Students will be provided with training programs that will be sport specific or designed to meet individual needs.  Six 3-week sessions offered: students may sign up for one or multiple.
    • ART OF BUILDING AND PLAYING THE UKELELE ** (a $50 supplies cost DUE JUNE 1st to HS Main Office** at Port Washington High School Art Room (122) (June 18th-July 6th from 8 a.m.-10:15 a.m.)


    ELECTIVE:  For credit… 6 weeks in length and cannot miss days and should plan vacation accordingly!  On line Google Form (**preferred** look on District and PWHS page) or turn in form to office.
    Registration Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScprUSQz6YVn56AGIQ8EQM3ZhjaUberHdUXhSmuTWpHbtmoWA/viewform

    RECOVERY:  For credit… 1-6 weeks in length, depending on what needs to be made up and progress during the summer-cannot miss days and should plan vacation accordingly!  If you need to add or change, please contact the office!

     ENRICHMENT: Various choices ranging from one day to 6 weeks in length- please check scheduled times to plan accordingly!  On line Google Form   (**preferred** look on District and PWHS page) or turn in form to office.
    Registration Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd_POPOJ2ditQMvmYcbkb0iaxKmmKbvYN-XG8I8FtbKlCRRgg/viewform


Message From the Principal


     Welcome to the 2017-18 school year!  Everyone at PWHS is excited about the beginning of a new school year and the amazing new learning opportunities available in the new classrooms.  The new athletic, music and offices will be built during the school year.  It is quite an amazing time to be a Pirate!

    • Please review the enclosed schedule with your child.  Schedule changes will be made only for graduation requirements, if you do not have a necessary prerequisite, or if you have an incomplete schedule. Schedule changes will NOT be made to accommodate study hall, lunch or teacher preferences. Schedule changes will be by appointment onlyTo set up an appointment please call (262) 268-5525. Counselors will be available on a limited basis beginning August 9th until August 24th.
    • Open Lunch-With the temporary lunch location in the new building, we are opening up open lunch privilege for 11th and 12th grade students for the 2017-18 school year.
    • Cell Phone/other Electronic device Privilege at PWHS- If a student chooses to bring a cell phone/electronic device to school it must remain in their locker or in a back pack turned off.  Cell phones are not allowed out in the classroom at any time. Parents needing to contact their son/daughter should contact the office.  Cell phone holders are available in each classroom.  Any violation of the cell phone/electronic device policy will follow the procedures outlines in the PWHS student handbook.  The school will not be held responsible in any way for lost or damaged cell phones. Students are allowed to use their cell phones during lunch.
    • Exam Exemptions 2017-18. Students in grades 10-12 will have the same opportunity for exam exemptions as the previous year.  Each student in grades 10-12 can earn up to two exam exemptions each semester.  One exam exemption is available to all students without any unexcused absences or disciplinary referrals.  The other exemption is the Port Pride exemption.  9th grade students will only be able to earn the Port Pride exemption in 2017-18.
    • ACT Prep (especially for 11th grade students) with Method Test Prep.

     All students have access to this free resource provided by our school.  Students that took advantage of the resource in 2016-17 saw great results.  It is easy to sign up for and use…

    Go to: https://app.methodtestprep.com/PortWashingtonHighSchoolWI/signup

    Click on the gray “Signup” box to create your MTP account. PWHS students will need to use the Referral Code: tkn.12180329 when setting up your account. (Make sure to include the entire code—including tkn). 

    Thank You!

    Eric Burke


    Port Washington High School   


         Port Pride!



School Information

  • Port Washington High School is a comprehensive high school with a dedicated staff that is committed to providing an excellent education to all of our students. With a combination of current educational practices, years of teaching experience, and a personal vested interest to see all students succeed, our school strives to meet the needs of our diverse learners. Port High School offers a wide array of Advanced Placement (AP) classes to encourage our highest level learners to challenge themselves further. We have support systems in place to assist all learners in achieving their academic potentials. Most importantly, we recognize parents as being a critical and necessary component in each child's journey towards academic success, and we welcome parent involvement. Port High School is committed to achieving the district mission of "helping every child reach their fullest potential."


Port Pride

  • Port Pride Program

    Program Commitments

    • I will be Alcohol and Drug Free
    • I will Participate to the best of my abilities in at least one HS Activity
    • I will achieve to the best of my ability academically by having no failing classes at quarter or semester.
    • I will have no office referrals for discipline or attendance
    • I will have no missing work from any class during the school year
    • I will volunteer at least 15 hours per semester in my community or school.
      • (5 Hours per semester are added if the student is unable to attend the kick-off assembly.)
      • 5 Hours may be donated by a parent or guardian per semester, these hours must be in service to PWHS. (PWSSD Hours accepted with prior approval.) 

    *Successful completion of the program each semester will result in the student earning one exam exemption, use of exemption is subject to teacher approval. 

    See the main office for details on joining

    Student Volunteer Hours Sheet

    Parent Volunteer Hours Sheet

    Port Pride Volunteers--Hauling Christmas Trees

    Port Pride Volunteers--Hauling Christmas Trees

Pirate Way Videos

Videos about PWHS--made by the Mass Communications 2 Class

PWHS Attendance Information

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    Attendance Line:  262-268-5501

    You are able to leave a message at anytime. 

JUMPSTART--for our incoming 2018-19 Freshmen Class

AP Testing Information

Driver's Education Information

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