• Scholarships and Financial Aid

  • Scholarships come from a number of sources - high school clubs, individuals, business and industry groups, community organizations, state and national organizations, colleges and universities, and religious organizations.  The criteria varies from scholarship to scholarship, but there are some common traits that scholarship committees look for in choosing a recipient:  

    Academic Excellence...Leadership...Service and Committment to School and Community...Individual Integrity

    Information for scholarships that have been sent to the high school can be found in the Counseling Office.  Scholarships with very narrow criteria are routed within the Counseling Office and individually announced to the students who may qualify.  Applications are available mid-December, and are typically due the first week of February.

    High School Scholarship Packet

    College Scholarship Packet

    Athletic Booster Club Scholarship

    Some important things to remember while preparing a scholarship application:
    1.    Complete applications neatly and accurately.  Word process or type unless instructions specify handwritten responses.

    2.    Follow instructions exactly as outlined by the sponsor or agency.

    3.  Submit only complete applications - a missing item may automatically disqualify the application.  Scholarship applications may include essays, autobiographies, photographs, and/or letters of recommendation.

    4.    If a letter of recommendation is required, request that the teacher give you two copies.  Allow ample time for the teacher to complete the letter - two weeks would be a good time frame.

    5.    If a transcript is required, they can be obtained through the Counseling Office.

    6.    DEADLINES ARE STRICTLY ENFORCED.  Return scholarship applications ahead of published deadlines.