• District Profile

      Mission Statement

    We educate all children to reach their greatest potential.

    Vision Statement

    We will continue our quest to move from good to great through a process of continuous improvement based on current research and data by focusing on:  

    A.  student success for all
    B.  twenty-first century student instructional and learning opportunities.
    C.  advanced technological instructional support.
    D.  rigorous and relevant curriculum and instruction.

    Belief Statements

    We believe...

    ...children are our priority.

    ...learning is a life-long process.

    ...innovation and change are essential to help prepare children to be successful in an ever changing world.

    ...education is a responsibility shared by the individual, family, school and community.

    ...positive relationships between students and staff members are essential and therefore expected to help students reach their full potential.

    ...access to quality education is essential for a free society.

    ...people are our most valuable asset.

    ...our children deserve a great education

    ...success for all students requires multiple pathways for learning. 


    We will work with families. communities, business partners, and higher education institutions to ensure individual student success.

    We will employ highly skilled, positive, dedicated, and compassionate people who make children their priority.

    We will seek and implement varied instructional strategies which promote life-long learning and help all children succeed.

    We will increase educational success by fostering positive relationships in a supportive climate throughout the District.

    We will keep moving from good to great through a culture of innovation and 21st century instruction and learning. 



    We will be respectful of ourselves, others, and our environment.

    We will consider student needs, instructional data, Board guidelines, enrollment and assessment information when allocating resources.

    We will have collaborative instructional planning and decision making teams througout the district focused on student learning.

    We will use common assessments that are both formative and summative; immediate feedback assessments; and required state assessments to guide instruction and demonstrate successful student learning.

    We will annually review our progress toward achieving our district mission and vision and collaboratively plan for the future.

    State and federal imposed mandates and budget restraints are obligatory parameters.