• Advanced Placement

    Courses designated as “Advanced Placement” (AP) are college level courses (not college prep courses) that provide challenging course work comparable to a college class.  AP courses offer students the advantage of earning not only high school credit, but depending on their AP final exam score and college policies, college credit and/or advanced standing.  To check college policies on AP credit go to www.collegeboard.com/ap/creditpolicy

    The content of the courses is extremely challenging and offers students the opportunity to improve their critical thinking skills and their ability to analyze information.  Keeping this in mind, students need to consider the workload expectations of these courses when selecting AP classes.  The recommendation from the AP teaching staff and Director of Instruction is no more than three AP classes per school year.  If a student chooses to attempt more than three AP classes, the AP staff and the Director of Instruction need to be consulted.  Requests for independent study for an AP class will be handled directly by the specific AP instructor. 

    The decision to take the AP final exam is the student’s; however taking the exam and scoring a 3 or higher is necessary to be considered for college credit.  It is highly recommended that each student discuss this decision with the instructor early in the course, which will allow time for the student to invest the extra time often required to prepare for these challenging exams.  (click here to view our School Profile to see last year's exam scores) 

    PWHS Advanced Placement courses and instructors are:

     AP Biology (Rebecca Fredrickson) AP Music Theory (Chris.Clouthier)
     AP Calculus 1 (Curt Sauer) AP Physics (Steve Hellman )
     AP Calculus 2 ( Emily O'Brien) AP Psychology (Rick Reinders)
    AP Computer Science (Kristin Cook) AP Statistics (Mark Pasten)
     AP Language and Composition (Lisa Floading) AP Studio Art (Katie Feyereisen)
     AP English Literature (Michelle Uttke) AP US Government and Politics (Joe Adamak)
    AP Environmental (Jeff Callies) AP US History (Melonie Zielinski)
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