Board Policies   Administrative Guidelines
    BP 3111 Creating a Position    
    BP 3112 Board-Staff Communications    
    BP 3120 Employment of Professional Staff AG 3120 Hiring Procedures
        AG 3120.01 Internal Transfer Process (Professional Staff) 
        AG 3120.02 Credit for Advanced Graduate Coursework
    BP 3120.04 Employment of Substitutes AG 3120.04 Long-Term Substitute Procedures
    BP 3120.06 Student Teachers    
    BP 3120.08 Employment of Personnel for Co-Curricular/Extracurricular Activities AG 3120.08 Posting of Vacancies and Hiring Coaching and Other Extracurricular Activities
        AG 3120.10 Family Medical Leave Act
    BP 3121 Background Checks    
    BP 3121.01 Employment References and Verification (Prohibiting Aiding and Abetting of Sexual Abuse    
    BP 3122 Statement of Nondiscriminatory Practice    
    BP 3122.01 Equal Opportunity Employment    
    BP 3140 Termination and Resignation    
    BP 3161 Unrequested Leaves of Absence    
    BP 3171 Use of Tobacco by Professional Staff    
    BP 3172 Alcohol and Drug-free Workplace    
    BP 3173 Alcohol and Drug Testing    
    BP 3174 Employee Wellness Program    
    BP 3210 Staff Ethics    
    BP 3211 Employee Complaints    
    BP3213 Student Safety and Well-being AG 3213 Student Safety
    BP 3214 Reporting of Child Abuse / Neglect    
    BP 3217 Possession or Use of Weapons    
    BP 3220 Evaluation of Professional Staff AG 3220 Professional Staff Evaluation
    BP 3231 Nonwork-Related Activities    
    BP 3232 Research and Publishing    
    BP 3240 Employee Dress    
    BP 3242 Professional Growth and Advanced Training    
    BP 3362 Sexual and Other Forms of Harassment    
    BP 3362.01 Threatening Behavior Toward Staff Members and Staff Protection    
    BP 3430.01 Family/Medical Leaves of Absence AG 3430.01 Family and Medical Leave Act
    BP 3440 Job-Related Expenses AG 3440 Job-Related Expenses
    BP 3531 Unauthorized Work Stoppage    
    BP 3900 Electronic Communications Security and Usage AG 3900 Staff Use of Social Media
        AG 3900.01 Student and Staff Pictures on the District Website