•   6000 FINANCES    
      Board Policies   Administrative Guidelines
    BP 6110 Federal Funds    
    BP 6120 Safety Deposit Box    
    BP 6143 Fund Balance    
    BP 6144 Investment Income    
    BP 6145 Borrowing    
    BP 6150 Tuition Income    
    BP 6151 Bad Checks    
    BP 6152 Student Fees     
    Form 6152
    Student Fee Waiver/Reduction Request Form    
    BP 6210 Fiscal Planning    
    BP 6220 Budget Preparation    
    BP 6230 Budget Hearing    
    BP 6231 Budget Implementation    
    BP 6320 Authority to Make Purchases and Enter Into Procurement Contracts    
    BP 6320.01 Procurement Methods for Services, Supplies, Equipment, and Other Property AG 6320.01 Procurement Procedures Implementing Federal Regulations and Local Policy
    BP 6320.02 Standards of Conduct in Purchasing and Contracting    
    BP 6320.03 Cooperative Purchasing    
    BP 6320.04 Suspension and Debarment of Vendors and Contractors    
    BP 6423 Use of Credit Cards    
    BP 6470 Payment of Claims    
    BP 6510 Payroll Authorization    
    BP 6520 Payroll Deductions    
    BP 6610 Student Activity Funds Management    
    BP 6620 Petty Cash Fund    
    BP 6670 Trust and Agency Fund    
    BP 6680 Recognition    
    BP 6800 System of Accounting    
    BP 6830 Audit