•   7000 PROPERTY    
      Board Policies   Administrative Guidelines
    BP 7100 Facilities Planning    
    BP 7230 Grants, Gifts, and Donations from Private Sources    
    BP 7310 Disposition of Surplus Property AG 7310  Software Weeding
    BP 7410 Maintenance    
    BP 7420 Hygienic Management    
    BP 7430 Safety Standards    
    BP 7434 Use of Tobacco on School Premises    
    BP 7440 Security    
    BP 7450 Property Inventory    
    BP 7455 Accounting System for Fixed Assets    
    BP 7510 Use of School Facilities AG 7510  Facility Rental Fees
    BP 7530 Lending of District-Owned Equipment    
    BP 7540 Computer Technology and Networks    
    BP 7540.01 Technology Privacy    
    BP 7540.02 District Web Page    
    BP 7900 Electronic Communications Security and Usage