•   8000 OPERATIONS    
      Board Policies   Administrative Guidelines
    BP 8210 Annual School Calendar and School Hours    
    BP 8220 Emergency School Closings    
    BP 8310 Public Records AG 8310 Fee Schedule
    BP 8320 Personnel Records    
    BP 8330 Pupil Records AG 8330 Release of Student's Personal Information
    BP 8350 Confidentiality    
    BP 8360 Records Retention Policy    
    BP 8370 Use of Electronic Signatures    
    BP 8410 School Safety and Crisis Intervention AG 8410 Suspicious Adult Behavior - Alert Mode
    BP 8415 Threats of School Violence AG 8415  Threat Identification and Assessment
    BP 8420 Emergency Drills Involving Students AG 8420  Emergency Drills Involving Students
    BP 8431 Preparedness for Toxic Hazard and Asbestos Hazard    
    BP 8440 Use of Service Animals AG 8440 Animals in School Environments
    BP 8442 Medical Emergency & Injury Reporting    
    BP 8445 Concussions Head Injuries, and Risk of Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Student Athletic Activities  AG 8445 Concussions, Head Injury Management, and Risk of Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Student Athletic Activities 
    BP 8450 Control of Casual-Contact Communicable Diseases and Noncasual-Contact Communicable Diseases AG 8450  Management of Head Lice in the School Setting
    BP 8453.01 Control of Bloodborne Pathogens    
    BP 8500 Food Services    
    BP 8531 Free and Reduced-Price Meals    
    BP 8532 School Meal Account Charges and Collections    
    BP 8540 Vending Machines    
    BP 8600 Transportation AG 8600 Hazardous Transportation Plan
        AG 8610 Transportation - School Bus Exhaust Emissions
    BP 8660 Transportation by Private Vehicle    
    BP 8710 Insurance    
    BP 8740 Bonding    
    BP 8760 Student Accident Insurance    
    BP 8800 Religious/Patriotic Ceremonies and Observances