•   9000 RELATIONS    
      Board Policies   Administrative Guidelines
    BP 9120 School Community Relations    
    BP 9125 State-Required Annual Notices    
    BP 9130 Public Complaints AG 9130 Complaint Resolution Procedures
    BP 9150 Visitors to the Schools AG 9150 School Visitors
    BP 9160 Public Attendance and Conduct at School Events    
    BP 9190 Charges for Special Projects    
    BP 9210  School Volunteers    
    BP 9211 Parent Groups and Other Community Support Organizations    
    BP 9250 School-Home Relations    
    BP 9270 Nonpublic School Student Participation    
    BP 9280 Nonpublic School Student Extracurricular and Athletic Activity Participation    
    BP 9500 Relations with Educational Institutions and Organizations    
    BP 9500.01 Relations with Private and Parochial Schools    
    BP 9555 Partnerships with Businesses, Other School Districts, and Ozaukee Youth Apprenticeship Consortium    
    BP 9600 Tax Incremental District (TID) Review Board Presentation    
    BP 9700 Relations with Special Interest Groups    
        AG 9700(a) Distribution of Non-School Sponsored Information
        AG 9700(b) Commercial Messages and Recognition
        AG 9700(c) Fund Raising Raffles
    BP 9750 Naming Rights    
    BP 9751 Proceedure for Name Change of a School    
    BP 9760 Memorials    
    BP 9800 Carrying a Concealed Weapon on or Near School Property