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    Youth Apprenticeship Timeline

    Student Planning - Students meet with their guidance counselor to develop or review their four-year plan and make adjustments to include courses required for the Youth Apprenticeship program area of choice.  Students are encouraged to meet with a Youth Apprenticeship coordinator and/or instructor(s) and also attend parent/student information meetings regarding Youth Apprenticeship. 

    Student Invitations – During the Fall semester, invitations are sent to all sophomore students and their parents regarding applying for a Youth Apprenticeship.

    Youth Apprenticeship "Information Night" – Students and parents learn about the process of applying for a Youth Apprenticeship and subsequent steps for potential placement and completion of the Youth Apprenticeship.

    YA Application Submission - Youth Apprenticeship applications are due to high school Youth Apprenticeship Coordinators in March of each year. All applications must include all required documents and be completed before being submitted to the Ozaukee Youth Apprenticeship office. Check calendar for details

    Youth Apprenticeship Employer Introduction and Interview Training – Students have an opportunity to meet employers and learn about their company and its expectations. Students receive training in resume preparation, interviewing etiquette and appropriate dress.

    Employers request student applications from the YA Consortium – Applications are sent to employers and they inform the YA Consortium Coordinators of their student choice(s) to interview as well as the dates and times of the interviews.

    Youth Apprentice Placement – The Youth Apprenticeship Consortium Coordinators will facilitate interviews for students with employers in their chosen program area(s).

    Employment Interviews – Students will meet and interview with an employer(s) and discuss work opportunities and expectations.  Employers will choose an apprentice(s) based on their need and students’ interview performance.

    Note – Students are not a Youth Apprentice until they are hired by an employer

    Employment offer/YA meeting - Employers contact the Youth Apprenticeship Consortium and inform them which students will be offered Youth Apprenticeships.  A Youth Apprenticeship meeting is scheduled with the employer, employer mentors, parents and the YA Consortium Coordinator.  Informational folders are provided to the student and employer containing all the required documents to establish and complete the apprenticeship.  The student’s work and school schedule is discussed, planned and finalized.  An Educational Training Agreement is signed by the employer, student, YA Consortium coordinator, parents and school representative, then the apprenticeship would begin. 

    Note - All Youth Apprentices must remain on-track for graduation to complete their Apprenticeship 

    Quarterly Reviews – On a quarterly basis the employer mentor and the youth apprentice will meet to review the student’s past performance and the skills acquired to date.  A quarterly review will be completed, shared with the student and signed by both the employer mentor and the student.  Together they will both update the student’s Skill Standards Checklist as well.  Signed copies of the quarterly reviews and the updated Skill Standards Checklists are then sent to the YA Consortium Coordinator for the student’s YA file.  

    Scholarships - All Youth Apprentices have the opportunity to apply for Ozaukee Youth Apprenticeship scholarships in their senior year of high school.  These scholarships, when available, can be applied by the student toward their post-secondary education.  Interested students should contact the Youth Apprenticeship Consortium Coordinator after scholarship availability is announced.

    Completion of the Youth ApprenticeshipStudents work with their mentor, instructor, and coordinator to complete quarterly evaluations and Skills Standards Checklist.  To complete a one-year apprenticeship students must work a minimum of 450* hours and complete the skills outlined in the specified unit(s)on the Skill Standard Checklist.  A two-year apprenticeship requires the student work a minimum of 900* hours and complete the skills outlined in the specified unit(s) on the Skill Standard Checklist. At the end of their Youth Apprenticeship, students will have worked the required number of hours, have a completed and signed Skills Standards Checklist and have a completed Post Completion Survey to receive their Certificate of Occupational Proficiency from the Department of Workforce Development. All YA students are invited to participate in end-of-year completion/recognition/ graduation events for Youth Apprenticeship.

    Students are encouraged to obtain a letter of recommendation from their employer if leaving their position after graduation. 

    Recognizing time considerations due to school, sports and extracurricular activities, students have until August 
      31st of the last year of their apprenticeship to accrue 
    the required work hours.