• All PWSSD students have District Google Classroom accounts.  Students should check these accounts every day for messages from their teacher(s) about the daily learning expectations.  Elementary aged students may need help checking their account for messages. Educators will also communicate with students about how to share their learning.

    Students may be asked to:

    • Complete a Google Quiz;
    • Submit a document to their personal Google folder;
    • Take a picture of their work and upload it into a Google folder or email it to their teacher;
    • Record a video that shows how they are able to do something; email a message summarizing their learning;
    • Engage in a Chat session; or
    • Engage in an online video "Office Hour".  

    There are many possibilities for how teachers might invite students to share their learning.  Parents and caregivers should be sure they know what their children's teacher(s) expect and then support their student as needed.