ESSER Funding

Port Washington-Saukville ESSER Information

  • ESSER Funding Plan

    Original ESSER Funding Plan - February 2022

    • The original ESSER funding plan was presented for feedback to the teacher in-touch group and the community ESSER funding session hosted on March 7, 2022.

    Updated w/Striken out notes ESSER Funding Plan 

    • The original plan with added and stricken out notes based on the feedback received from the survey, community session and teacher group. This plan is being made available to easily visualize the changes made.

    ESSER Funding Plan - March 2022 (submitted)

    • The ESSER funding plan submitted to the Department of Public Instruction (DPI). This is the initial plan based on budgeted amounts. The District will post updates with actual costs as initiatives are purchased or integrated. 


    ESSER Funding Survey

    ESSER Funding Survey Results

    • The results from the ESSER funding survey conducted. The purpose of this survey was to capture the priority areas stakeholders wanted ESSER funds allocated.  

    ESSER Funding Community Session 

    Meeting Notice

    Meeting Minutes and Feedback