• Possible Characteristics of Gifted Students
  • Collects things at random or with a creative pattern

    Sensitive to patterns

    Paints, sculpts, etc. not in prescribed ways

    Experiments with color; chooses unconventional methods

    Composes music and/or changes lyrics

    Plays one of more instruments with proficiency

    Will dramatize instead of verbalizing

    Loves music and/or dance and likes to perform

    Fascinated with statistics, almanacs, number systems, and language codes

    Usually capable of conversing in standard English and another language

    Invents systems

  • Invents solutions to problems and creates problems with no apparent solutions

    Often will get the correct answer, but is unable to explain how they arrived at it

    Has broader perspective about a problem

    Translates unfamiliar abstraction to familiar and vice versa

    Will hypothesize frequently

    Received recognition in a special field

    Keen sense of humor and sees humor

    Is often forgetful, chaotic, and has no sense of time

    Long attention span on one topic

    Dedicated to a social cause

    Usually has a hero

  • Performs academically and participates in 2-3 activities outside of school

      High vocabulary and high achievement in most areas

    Organizes other and has ability to supervise younger children

    Is a decision-maker and shows self assurance

    Shows strength, balance, and coordination

    Is often picked to play on a team with older children

    Uses complicated tools with no training

    Strong mechanically, but has no training in this area


    Shows distinct difference between classroom scores and achievement tests

    Critical of conventional behavior