• PBIS - Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support


    PBIS Mission Statement:

    The mission of the TJMS PBIS team is to foster and promote a safe and positive school environment that enhances student learning through the Jaguar Way by teaching and recognizing positive behaviors of Respect, Responsibility, and Kindness.

    TJMS SCHOOL STORE - TJ has a School Store, which is run by our PBIS committee. The students earn “Paw” tickets throughout their school day by demonstrating positive behaviors, and they can spend their Paw tickets on items that are for sale at the store. Behaviors that warrant earning Paw tickets include demonstrating kindness and responsibility. We stock the School Store with two categories of items. One is general school supplies, including computer mice, earbuds, staplers, rulers, pencil sharpeners, pens, and pencils. The other category are gadgets such as sensory items, magnetic games, rubix cubes, art supplies, gift certificates, and other fun items.

    2021-2022 the school store will be open every other Friday for 5th & 6th grade during lunch beginning Friday, Sept 17.