• PWHS Support Services


  • Consultations - There are times when a meeting to discuss a student's needs is in order.  In addition to the parents, consultations may involve teachers, the school counselor, an administrator, and a school psychologist.  If you think a consultation may be in order, please contact your school counselor.

    Counseling Services - The Counseling Department has a wide range of helpful resources available to students and families.  Our resources are presented through, but not limited to, a variety of programs, pamphlets, individual and group counseling sessions, and this website. 

    Math Study Halls - are available to students who would like to get the help of a math teacher on a regular basis.  While a student may choose to get math help in the math study hall, that time period may be used to do other homework as well. 

    Mentor-Mentee Program - Students who feel the need for ongoing guidance and support beyond other student assistance services available may be matched with an adult mentor through our student mentor-mentee program.  Contact Mr. Gabrielse through the high school office if interested in being a part of this program. 

    Grad Point - is a voluntary, credit recovery program designed to serve the needs of Port Washington High School At-Risk students.  Eligible junior or senior students are recommended by school counselors to participate.  Students may be recommended to work in Grad Point after failing a required course.  They work in Grad Point one or two periods a day depending on the needs of the students. 

    The goals of Grad Point are:

    • to provide an alternative opportunity for students to meet district diploma requirements for high school graduation.
    • to develop a more positive attitude toward school and the educational process, therefore increasing school attendance in a less competitive/more individualized environment.

    Summer School - It is strongly recommended that students attend summer school to make up any failed requirements or credit deficiencies. 

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