• Curriculum & Instruction: 
    The Curriculum & Instruction Department believes all students can succeed and  is committed to helping our schools meet the needs of and educate all children to reach their greatest potential.  It is in this core belief, we are committed to helping our schools meet the needs of all children to reach their greatest potential.

    Through rigorous and relevant teaching and learning aligned to standards, our educators facilitate engaging and meaningful learning opportunities in all of our classrooms.  The teaching and learning team works collaboratively with teachers, administrators, students, board members and families to ensure authentic and honest feedback, creating success and growth for all.

    Curricular Area & Applicable Standards:            
    4 Year Old Kindergarten: Wisconsin Model Learning Standards
    English Language Arts: Wisconsin Standards for English/Language Arts
    Mathematics: Wisconsin Standards for Mathematics
    Social Studies: Wisconsin Standards for Social Studies
    Science: Wisconsin Science Standards
                   Human Growth & Development: A Resource Guide Common Core/ELA/Science
    Art, Media Arts and Music: Wisconsin Music Standards
    Physical Education: Wisconsin Standards for Physical Education
    Career and Technical Education: Wisconsin Standards for Career & Technical Education
    World Language: Wisconsin Standards for World Language
    Financial Literacy: Wisconsin Standards for Personal Financial Literacy 

    Children develop at different rates. We believe potential and ability are always changing. Our District provides rigorous lesson planning that consists of student choice and voice. Individualized lesson plans ensure all children can reach their greatest potential and excel them beyond their current potential and ability with advanced coursework. A child may need further program focuses that cannot be met in the regular classroom. Advanced programming recognizes, nurtures and supports students whose capabilities surpass the regular curriculum advancements at any given time.

    The Port Washington-Saukville School District uses a comprehensive balanced assessment system to inform decisions at the classroom, school, and district levels.  Our assessment system uses iReady as a diagnostic benchmark assessment three times per year.  Common assessments are also used at the classroom level to monitor skill development and growth.  Statewide assessments such as the FORWARD exam, ACT, Dynamic Learning Maps and ACCESS for English Language Learners provide additional insight into student progress.

    Curriculum & Courses: 
    We educate all children to reach their greatest potential.  The Port Washington-Saukville School District believes that all students can learn and has demonstrated a commitment to excellence in education, and we strive to provide comprehensive curriculum resources aligned to state standards, ensuring each student has opportunity and access to achieve at high levels.  Administrators and staff work together to design and implement instructional programming to meet the many and diverse needs of our 4K through 12th grade students.  While there are many reasons for PWSSD to be proud of their programming, we are also committed to ongoing, continuous improvement to ensure there is alignment and cohesiveness in our programming.  This commitment lives within our Professional Learning Communities as well as ongoing professional development.

    Elementary Curriculum (4K-4th Grade): 
    There are three elementary schools in the Port Washington-Saukville School District.  Saukville Elementary, Dunwiddie Elementary and Lincoln Elementary all have passionate and committed educators who create innovative and engaging learning opportunities for all students.  The curriculum in each of these buildings is the same to ensure access to aligned and cohesive learning opportunities, as well as supporting a smooth transition to middle school.

    Middle School Curriculum (5th-8th Grade): 
    Thomas Jefferson Middle School has a strong team of educators who strive to create innovative and engaging learning opportunities for all students.  They value relationships and connection while supporting both the social-emotional and academic needs of their students in an effort to create the conditions for successful transition to high school.

    High School Curriculum (9th-12th Grade): 
    Port Washington High School believes we are Stronger, United and Better Together as the vision that supports their work.  Their talented educators are committed to ensuring all students are college, career, or community ready. 

    Dr. Tammy Thompson Kapp
    Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning
    Port Washington - Saukville School District
    Phone: 262-268-6061
    Email: Tammy.Thompsonkapp@pwssd.k12.wi.us