PWHS Pirate Treasure Program

 Today, we had our spring meeting for the Pirate Treasure program.  This time around we had 30 projects in our district and community.  Six of those projects were chosen randmonly to present to the students today.  Three were from the school district and three were from the community.  School projects included a classroom libraries for World Languages, Saukville Elementary technology project and Playground stencils at Lincoln Elementary school.  The community projects were Ozaukee Family services school based mental health program, Boy Scout Troop 855 Eagle scout project support and Port Washington food pantry school supply program. 


Thank you to all of our students 90+ that were a part of the first year for this program at PWHS!  Thank you also to Port Washington-Saukville Rotary for matching the donations from our students and allowing the group to provide a greater impact for the projects.


The 2019 Spring projects chosen by the students were:

Lincoln Elementary School-Playground Stencil project

Port Washington Food Pantry-School supply project


If you are interested in applying for a donation. 

Please fill out the form (see link below)  and send it to PWHS


 Thank you for your support of the program.

 Eric Burke

PWHS Principal

pirate treasure meeting


Pirate Way Grant Application This program will be open to all community and school groups/projects.  

This will be a great experience for our students and a nice way to support/give to a needy cause/project. We now have 93 students in the group!

Please turn in the application to Eric Burke in the PWHS office.