PWHS Pirate Treasure Program


The deadline for new project considerations for the Pirate Treasure program is March 8th.  We will draw three projects on March 11  for both school and community programs.  One project from both categories will be selected by the students for a donation on April 10th during the resource period. 


If you are interested in applying for a donation. 

Please fill out the form (see link below)  and send it to PWHS by March 8th


  • Meeting-April 10- 2:00 PM (Resource Period)-Presentation/Award Meeting
    • Students listen to 3 presentations (5 minutes max) and then vote anonymously for the project they would like to receive funds
    • Projects due by March 8 for consideration in Spring
    • March 11-3 Projects drawn randomly for April 10 presentations
    • Up to $1500 donation for a school project
    • Up to  $1500 donation for a community project



 Thank you for your support of the program.

 Eric Burke

PWHS Principal

pirate treasure meeting


Pirate Way Grant Application This program will be open to all community and school groups/projects.  

This will be a great experience for our students and a nice way to support/give to a needy cause/project. We now have 93 students in the group!

Please turn in the application to Eric Burke in the PWHS office.