PWHS Pirate Treasure Program

PWHS Pirate Treasure Program 

If you are interested in applying for a donation. 

11/20/2019:  Today at PWHS, we had our first donation meeting of the school year. Students pooled their own money ($30 each- totaling nearly $3,000) for the donations. Lakeshore Advocacy Center, Ozaukee Family Services, SES School and Port Main Street presented projects for consideration of a donation from the students.

After four excellent presentations, the students had the difficult task of choosing one to receive a donation. Today, they chose to give $2,000 to the Heart of the Harbor Main Street Project.

Thank you to PWS Rotary for their donation to the group!


Please fill out the form (see link below)  and send it to PWHS

 Thank you for your support of the program.

 Eric Burke

PWHS Principal

pirate treasure meeting


Pirate Way Grant Application This program will be open to all community and school groups/projects.  

This will be a great experience for our students and a nice way to support/give to a needy cause/project. We now have 93 students in the group!

Please turn in the application to Eric Burke in the PWHS office.