Acapocalypse Information--Learn all about it!

Although Acapocalypse has been canceled this year, this is a great opportunity to share the excitement of what makes contemporary a cappella so intriguing to all your students and community.

The program tells the stories of the students and teachers in three Wisconsin high schools who
are doing great things with contemporary a cappella and traditional vocal jazz.

It’s going to feature a mix of documentary and live concert footage and it’s going to show you why so many young people around the country are excited about a cappella and the roles that great teachers play in creating top-tier a cappella groups.


You can watch the full show on-demand at PBS and the PBS app on phones, tablets, Roku, Apple TV and many Smart TVs beginning March 30.


Just download the PBS app and search for “Acapocalypse! A Cappella’s New Note"...Link:  Acapocalypse! A Cappella’s New Note - Preview